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March 31, 2015

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Calculator

This carbon dioxide emission calculator will help you gain an approximate idea of how many tons of carbon dioxide some of your activities generate and how many trees it would take to offset those emissions.

Planting 1 new tree in Haiti will offset 1 ton of CO2 emissions. 1 new tree can be purchased for $22 from the Lambi Fund Gift Catalog. The gift of each new tree will purchase one tree seedling, train locals on proper tree care, and nurture the tree seedling until it has become properly substantiated. Because the Lambi Fund ensures that the gift of each new tree will result in a strong and healthy tree, you can rest assured that you have offset your carbon footprint while strengthening Haitiís environment.

Step 1: Enter the appropriate figures into the quantity column — all fields are optional.

If you usually work in metric, there's also a handy conversion feature below. The number of tons of CO2 emissions will be displayed in the right hand column. At the bottom of the form, the total estimated amount of carbon dioxide emissions will be displayed as an annual and monthly figure.

Need to convert from metric?

kilometers = miles
cubic meters = cubic feet
litres = gallons


Total Tons of CO2 annually

Small car
(40 mpg fuel economy)

miles per month

Average/medium car
(21 mpg fuel economy)

miles per month

SUV/4 wheel drive
(15 mpg fuel economy)

miles per month

Electricity usage 


Natural/propane gas 

cubic feet/month

Fuel oil heating 

gallons per month
Air Travel 

miles per month
Train Travel 

miles per month
General waste - how many people in your household?

no. of people


How many people in your household have meat in their diet?

no. of people

Tons per Year

1 ton = 1 tree/year ($22/tree)
Tons per Month 1 ton = 1 tree/year ($22/tree)

Thanks to: Carbon Dioxide Calculator v1.2  - copyright (c) and Michael Bloch

Step 2: Re-enter your monthly or annual carbon emissions to calculate your exact offsetting needs.

Take your total annual/monthly tons of carbon dioxide emissions as calculated above and enter below. Calculations are based on 1 ton of CO2 offset by planting 1 new tree in Haiti. 1 ton of CO2 = 1 new tree = $22/tree.

Enter: $

Step 3: Donate now to offset your carbon footprint

Plant more trees in Haiti by offsetting your monthly and/or yearly carbon dioxide emissions by donating through the Lambi Fund Online Gift Catalog. Donate your exact dollar amount and be sure to specify Carbon Offset in the comment box to purchase your new trees.

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