The Lambi Fund of Haiti

Supporting economic justice, democracy and sustainable development in Haiti

March 03, 2015


Founded jointly in 1994 by Haitians and Americans, the Lambi Fund of Haiti is a unique grassroots organization whose mission is to assist the popular, democratic movement in Haiti. Its goal is to help strengthen civil society in Haiti as a necessary foundation for democracy and development.

Constituency Involvement

The Lambi Fund of Haiti takes its lead from the peasant and women's organizations with which we collaborate. The Lambi Fund is based on the premise that the Haitian people understand how development is best achieved in their country. Therefore, the Lambi Fund follows the lead of grassroots organizations in program and priorities. The Lambi Fund never dictates to a community organization what should be done. Through discussion and reflection, the peasants decide what is best for their community and present the project to the Lambi Fund for support.

Program Areas

The Lambi Fund focuses its funding in five main project areas:

Proven Outcomes

According to a recently conducted evaluation of our first ten years of work, studies showed that Lambi Fund projects involved 76,896 entrepreneurial participants whose collective enterprises impacted 1,222,145 Haitians! Researchers found well-documented evidence that Lambi Fund projects create change with: improved economic conditions, increased availability of food, reduced soil erosion, improved environment, increased availability of potable water, increased gender equity, improved democratic functioning, increased management capacity of organizations, and increased collaboration among grassroots organizations. Read an executive summary of the ten year evaluation.

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