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October 23, 2014

Lambi Fund Newsletter

Spring 2014


Newsletter Update

To reduce costs to the organization and the environment, with this issue, we will be limiting the number of individuals who receive the newsletter. This issue of the newsletter, and all past issues of the newsletter, remain available on the website. Look for formatting changes this fall, as well.

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Lambi Fund at 20

A Roundtable Discussion with Marie and Josette

Sophie Hawkins, Lambi Fund of Haiti's new Social Media Manager, conducted interviews, virtually and telephonically, with Lambi's Executive Director, Marie Marthe Saint Cyr, and Haiti Director, Josette Perard, in April, 2014.

Even today, 20 years after Lambi's founding, the world's view of Haiti is entrenched in misconceptions. But as Marie Saint Cyr, Executive Director, and Josette Perard, Haiti Director, reflect on the Lambi Fund's past 20 years of work, the image that emerges of Haiti is one of strength and power. "I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that we are in a irreversible level of poverty." But as Marie reflects on what she has seen and experienced on the ground in Haiti, she notes that, "Haiti is not a lost cause, the people in Haiti are willing to invest in change. The people in Haiti are not giving up."

One of the things that drew me to Lambi Fund is the fact that so much power is placed in the hands of the people in these rural communities of Haiti. Why do you think that this grassroots approach has been so successful?

MSC: I think that many question whether or not the poor are able, but having lived and survived in Haiti, I have seen a level of capacity that is very often unacknowledged. The people in each locality know their locality and its needs because they have been strategizing how to survive for years, long before Lambi Fund was founded. There is a cross-learning that goes on at Lambi Fund. I am learning how they live, how they make decisions—because they live in the locality—they know. The people in these rural communities use their own history to create and build their own system.




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