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April 24, 2014

Continuing Projects

Ox-Plowing Service and Community Credit Fund
Group of Women Miracle of Faith
GWOFAMIL: 52 members - 49 women, 3 men

Ox plowing

GWOFAMIL's members would like to help farmers be more efficient by replacing picks, machetes and hoes with ox-plows. In order to achieve this, Lambi Fund is providing the resources to purchase six local oxen and three ox plows, as well as creating a community credit fund that will enable 25 farmers to obtain loans at affordable rates. Additionally, Lambi Fund is providing training in ox-plow operation, project and credit fund management, organizational capacity building, forage production and conservation. Seeds, tools, training and supplies necessary to plant 20,000 seedlings are being provided as well.

Coffee and Fruit Production and Reforestation
Mark Coordination of Peasants
KPM: 627 members - 226 women, 401 men

Coffee beans

Lambi Fund is providing KPM with the resources to build five nurseries and hire ten nursery attendants. This partnership will produce 100,000 fruit, coffee and forest trees to be planted in the area — enabling KPM's members to increase coffee and fruit production, and to slow the rate of erosion. Additionally, Lambi Fund is training 65 members in seedling production, nursery construction, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, reforestation and terracing.

Ox-Plowing Service and Community Credit Fund
Union of Planters for the Development of the Environment in Picot
UPLADEP: 42 members - 16 women, 26 men


UPLADEP wants to help increase farmers' revenue in Piko by providing ox-plowing services and a credit fund. In partnership with the organization, Lambi Fund is funding the purchase of six oxen and three ox plows and providing the starter money for a community credit fund. The community credit fund will allow UPLADEP to offer loans to 25 farmers. In order to ensure smooth operations, Lambi Fund is providing training on ox-plow operation, project and credit fund management, organizational capacity building and forage production. In addition, Lambi Fund is providing the tools, seeds, materials and training to build a nursery and plant 20,000 seedlings in the community.

Grain Storage and Community Credit Fund
Youth Association of Sel
AJS: 255 members - 135 men, 120 women


In order to revive local agriculture and generate local employment opportunities, AJS is partnering with the Lambi Fund to build a grain storage facility, enabling AJS to purchase, store and sell affordable grain to its 255 members. Further, the Lambi Fund is helping AJS to expand its community credit fund, which will allow AJS to offer an additional 50 loans to farmers purchasing seeds for crop planting. In addition, Lambi Fund is providing technical assistance to AJS by training members on organizational capacity building, project management and grain storage facility management along with the resources and training to build a nursery and plant 20,000 seedlings.

Reforestation Program
(20,000 fruit and nut trees each, for KPM: 100,000 coffee and shade tree seedlings)

Soil erosion is most severe in the southern parts of Haiti. Deforestation and poor agricultural practices have left the land barren and exploited. When it rains degraded land do not easily absorb water and nutrient rich topsoil is washed away. In efforts to curb this troublesome trend, Lambi Fund is unifying its reforestation efforts. Like before, each partner organization still has a reforestation component for each of their projects, but grouping them together regionally allows for more efficient monitoring and evaluation. This allows Lambi Fund to track progress and better identify impacts.

In the south, seven organizations will be provided with the funding and training needed to plant 20,000 fruit and nut trees, while KPM will plant 100,000 coffee and shade tree seedlings. Lambi Fund will provide funding for each group to purchase the materials needed to build tree nurseries along with tools like shovels, wheelbarrows, picks, and watering cans. Approximately 30 members from each organization will attend multi-day seminars on nursery management, seedling production, sustainable agriculture and reforestation.

Goat Breeding
Association of Farmers and Breeders of Akil
APEAG: 165 members - 87 men, 78 women

Goat breedomg

APEAG wants to strengthen goat breeding efforts in their community to increase personal incomes for its members. In partnership with the organization, Lambi Fund is providing the resources to create 20 grazing areas, build 22 enclosed grazing fields, the purchase of 120 females and 12 males, hire two veterinary technicians and stock a veterinary pharmacy. To ensure smooth project operation, Lambi Fund is providing technical assistance and training members in goat breeding, forage production and preservation, and project management. In addition, the tools, seeds and training needed to plant 20,000 seedlings are being offered as well.

Goat Breeding
Women's Organization of Jabwen
OFJ: 156 women

Goat breeding

Lambi Fund is working with OFJ to purchase 100 female goats and ten male breeders which will be distributed at ten sites and to build pens and areas for grazing for the animals. This project is helping decrease the destructive effects of open grazing and increasing incomes for its members. Funds to stock a veterinary pharmacy and hire two veterinary agents are being provided in addition to Lambi Fund offering workshops in project management, modern practices in goat breeding, capacity building and reforestation. A nursery will be built and seeds purchased to plant 20,000 seedlings in the area.

Sugarcane Mill
The Partnership for Change in Ravin Olyann
ACHVRO: 89 members with women's group, youth group, adult group

Sugarcane Mill

The members of ACHRVO are building a sugarcane mill, which will allow the community to transform the drought-resistant sugar cane they currently grow into syrup and sell it. The Lambi Fund is providing the resources to purchase building materials, including a motor and six ovens for syrup production, as well as training in mill construction, small business management, commercialization and mill operation. Lambi Fund is also helping to build a tree nursery, including seeds and tools for 20,000 seedlings, as well as train members on nursery management. In order to address the need for sanitation, three latrines were built in the mill while education on use and care for the latrines were provided.

Coffee Production
The Coffee Cooperative of Peasants from Gwomòn
KOKAPEG: 805 members - 51 groups

Coffee Mill

KOKAPEG's members are making their coffee production more efficient by modernizing their processing plant and growing their output in a two stage project using resources provided by Lambi Fund. In Phase 1, KOKAPEG is purchasing a coffee pulper to attach to their decorticating machine, which allows them to process the coffee beans more quickly. During Phase II, KOKAPEG will purchase 25,000 pounds of coffee beans from local farmers, process the beans and store them before shipping them to sell on the international market. In addition to these efforts, Lambi Fund is providing the resources to construct a tree nursery for 25,000 coffee seedlings and 6,000 shade trees, as well as training members in nursery preparation and management.

Goat Breeding
The Peasants Organization of Bige
OPB: 340 members - 128 women, 212 men

Goat breeding

Members of OPB are modernizing their goat breeding practices to make farming and production more efficient in their community. Lambi Fund is granting them the resources to construct a veterinary pharmacy, 23 pens, purchase 230 female and 23 male goats and hire a veterinary technician. OPB members are receiving training in modern animal husbandry practices, forage production and conservation, and project management. Lambi Fund is also providing the resources to build a tree nursery and purchase the seeds and tools needed to plant 20,000 seedlings, while offering nursery management and reforestation training.

Grain Mill
Peasant Movement for the Agricultural Development of Delann
MOPDAD: 98 members

Grain Mill

MOPDAD's 98 members are partnering with the Lambi Fund to construct a grain mill that will enable the women of the community to mill their corn and millet close by, rather than traveling long distances on foot. As a tool that processes raw products, which is a value-added step in the supply chain, the mill will increase food security and personal incomes in the community. MOPDAD is supplying the land and labor to build the mill and a tree nursery. Lambi Fund is providing the resources to purchase the motorized mill, fund the construction of the mill building and tree nursery, purchase seeds and tools to plant 20,000 tree seedlings, and is training members on organizational management, mill operation and maintenance and reforestation.

Sustainable Development
Center for Plantain Propagation (CPP)

Plantain farming

Lambi Fund and the CPP are continuing a partnership to strengthen and expand training to farmers cultivating plantains using the state-of-the-art PIF method. CPP is now an established source of healthy plantain trees in the region because members are trained in seedling production. Lambi Fund is providing the resources to purchase more seeds, tools and supplies and continues to provide training workshops.

Goat Breeding
The Heads Together Movement of Bodwa
MOTAB: 185 members - 108 women, 77 men

Goat breeding

MOTAB's male members have partnered with Lambi Fund to improve goat breeding practices and farmers' incomes in their community. They are purchasing 100 goats and constructing nine pens with enclosures for the animals. The project aims to eliminate open grazing, which increases the rate of deforestation and soil erosion. In addition to funding, Lambi Fund is training 30 farmers on modern goat breeding practices, project management, and reforestation. The tools, seeds and supplies for a nursery to plant 20,000 seedlings have been provided as well.

Ox-Plowing Service and Community Credit Fund
The Major Movement Fraternity
MFM: 70 members - 47 women, 23 men

Ox plowing

Members of MFM are partnering with Lambi Fund launch an ox-plow service and community credit fund. Lambi Fund is funding the purchase of six oxen, three plows and ox-plow accessories and starter money for a credit fund which is providing farmers access to affordable loans during the planting season. Lambi Fund is also training members in project and credit fund management, while past Lambi Fund grant recipients in the area are providing training in ox-plow operation. Resources for the construction of a nursery, seeds and tools to plant 20,000 trees and training in nursery management are being offered as well.



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