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March 30, 2015

Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

Makonen Fos Nou

Weaving Our Strength

Makonen Fos Nou/Weaving Our Strength is an 18 minute video that describes the project work of the Lambi Fund of Haiti. It describes the courage and determination of the Haitian men and women who have woven their strength together in grassroots organizations to work for economic justice, democracy and sustainable development. A running narrative by Josette Perard, Haiti Director of the Lambi Fund, sets the projects in larger context of the Haitian people's continuing struggle for democracy and economic justice.

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Pennies for Pigs, Pigs 4 Haiti

SUMMARY: School children gather their spare change to raise money for rebuilding in Haiti post-quake....and their principle kisses a pig!

Lambi Fund Leaders - Marie Marthe St. Cyr

SUMMARY: Marie Marthe St. Cyr, the President of the Lambi Fund of Haiti's U.S. Board of Directors, discusses the role of the Lambi Fund in building the economy of Haiti.

Lambi Fund Leaders - Jay Schoenberger

SUMMARY: Meet Lambi Fund of Haiti Board member Jay Schoenberger and hear him discuss why he is so passionate about the organization and its work.

Community Led Reforestation in Haiti

The Lambi Fund of Haiti is actively working on Reforestation in Haiti.

PBS Newshour Air Date: May 13, 2010

Haiti's Non-Governmental Organizations Fill in for Shattered Government

In the first of two reports from Haiti, Dave Iverson of KQED in San Francisco describes Haiti's struggle to rebuild after the earthquake and the crucial role of non-government organizations in the relief effort.

Project Videos

Lambi Fund of Haiti won first and third place respectively in the Global Giving Filmfest with the most number of views and highest ratings by viewers.

Brandon McCarroll directed Pigs — Haitian Bank Accounts, a film about a pig project in southern Haiti that is led by a peasant woman.

Lauren Pray and Hannah Dwertman are the filmakers for Reforestation and Clean Water in Haiti, which starts out with an animation about deforestation in Haiti and concludes with a profile of a grassroots group that is reforesting part of Haiti.

Pigs — Haitian Bank Accounts

Reforestation and Clean Water in Haiti



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