Board of Directors


Andre Celestin

Andre Celestin is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer and has been living in New York since 1969. He designed and implemented a water project for the town of Point-a-Raquet, Lagonave, Haiti. 

He is a past board member of IHDAH.  


He has been married for 48 years. He and his wife have one married daughter and two grandsons.

Nancy Felix

Nancy Felix is Director of Software Development with Home Advisor. She has spent her entire career in the IT industry and loves leading teams, mentoring, growing others and innovating.

Nancy holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado Denver, a Math/Computer Science from the State University of New York in Binghamton.

She brings to Lambi Fund her passion to help others as well as make a difference in her community and in Haiti.

Freud Jean, Chair

Freud Jean was formerly a parish priest in Belladaire where he worked with the Ti Legliz in "formation," consciousness-raising, training, and organization; his focus: to help poor Haitians root themselves in the political and economic Christian reality. Freud has worked with the National Justice and Peace Commission of the Bishops' Conference since 1986. He is currently the Executive Secretary (director) of PAJ, the Program for Alternative Justice, an institution formed from the people's expression for radical change with justice, which focuses on popular organizing and justice. Freud also represents PAJ in the Human Rights Platform and is a member of the Truth Commission.

Jacquelin Soliman, Treasurer

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Jacquelin Soliman, after working many years as an consultant for different NGOs in Haiti, now manages his own business. He graduated from the Université d’Etat d’Haiti where he studied economics.  He lives in Mahotière/ Port-au-Prince  with his wife and 2 daughters. Jacquelin  joined the board in 2019 but he is not new to Lambi Fund. In his capacity as an accountant, he was hired  on several occasions as a consultant for  Lambi Fund. He serves as Board Treasurer for Lambi Fund.

France Buteau

France Buteau was born and raised in Haiti and was educated in Spain and the U.K. She has eight years experience in education and 31 years as a supervisor and translator for a major international financial institution. She retired to Haiti last year and volunteers with the Lambi Fund and an after school program in her neighborhood. She is especially interested in women's issues and is committed to working to improve the quality of life of the peasantry in Haiti.

Joseph Francis Duvillage

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Father Duvillage was born and raised in Haiti. He earned a degree in Theology and Philosophy from St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. He is the Parish Priest  of Notre-Dame de Guadalupe located in Carrefour, Haiti. He joined the Lambi Fund board in 2019 because he is interested in the work Lambi is doing in the rural communities in Haiti helping  peasants and women’s organizations.

Marguerite Joseph

Marguerite Joseph brings to the Lambi Fund years of experience working closely with Haiti's popular movement. Currently Ms. Joseph serves as coordinator of GATAP, the Gwoup Apwi Teknik as Aksyon Pedogojik (Technical Assistance and Training Group), and as a board member to the Jean Marie Vincent Foundation. Formally trained as a teacher, she has applied her skills to Haiti's poorest sectors. Ms. Joseph has trained many literacy trainers and instructors working in alternative educational setting. She has also worked closely with the women's branch of TET KOLE, a large peasant organization.

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