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Wine Label Benefits

Lambi Fund


After producing some of California's most highly sought after cabernets from its vineyards on Sonoma Mountain for twenty years, Patrick Campbell of Laurel Glen Vineyards took an exploratory trip to Chile in 1995 and liked what he saw. Making limited production (and hence, relatively expensive) wine had its charms; but Campbell, whose lifetime fascination with Che Guevara reveals a stubborn egalitarian streak, yearned to produce a more populist wine. He realized that the Colchagua region, in the shadow of the mighty Andes, could produce a delicious and lively cabernet.


The result was Terra Rosa, which has gained a well deserved reputation for honesty, affordability, and environmentally conscious farming practices. While Patrick was searching the farther reaches of the Chilean and Argentine wine worlds, one of his daughters, Maia, was engaged in setting up legal mediation centers in the Guatemalan highlands, and through her work had encountered the Lambi Fund.


Patrick was intrigued. Why not draw on his Terra Rosa contacts to develop a wine that not only tastes good but does good? Patrick ran the idea past his old friend and business partner Tim Chegwidden, an economist with broad experience in the international wine trade. Tim was as excited as Patrick.


Thus was born Chevere, a modest contribution to wine lovers with a social conscience. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this rich and deep cabernet will be donated to the Lambi Fund to support their vital work. Salud! 2003 Chevere!


In the southeast corner of the Colchagua Valley lies one of the few actual hillside plantings in all of Chile; the 2003 Chévere! begins here on its steep and rocky slopes. While Chévere! is full with the soft and delicious texture we associate with Chilean cabernet, its higher level of color, tannin, and fruit concentration underscore its hillside origin. This is a delicious wine to serve with pastas, meats, pizza, robust cheeses, and with any other hearty foods.


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