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Lambi Fund Gift Catalog

Honor your friends and family with the gift of change in Haiti.


How? Peruse the gift catalog below and select which gift(s) best suit your loved ones. Then, click the "Give Now" button, enter the item price, and under "designation," select "Gift Catalog." There, you can enter which gift catalog items (sheep, coffee beans, etc.) you would like to purchase. Once this is complete, be sure to print out a tribute certificate and/or a gift card.


Gifts symbolically represent the work of The Lambi Fund in Haiti. In order to help the greatest number of families achieve self-reliance, we do not use our limited resources to track gifts to distribution. Lambi Fund will pool your gifts with others and use them where they are most needed and can do the most good. Together, we can transform entire communities and fight hunger and poverty in Haiti!


Sugarcane Syrup:

"The sweet taste of success"


Support local sugarcane production by honoring your loved ones with the gift of sugarcane syrup. Grassroots organizations are managing motorized sugarcane mills, which are enabling farmers to produce high-quality syrup for sale in the market. What used to take days of labourous work is now completed in mere minutes. Help produce more syrup than ever before by enabling farmers to transform this abundant crop into a lucrative product.

"A cup of Joe is the ultimate pick-me-up"


Communities in rural Haiti are growing coffee to provide a whole new source of income for their families. Think about purchasing a coffee plant so that coffee farmers can grow and purchase more processed coffee beans that can be sold on the international market. Your gift of coffee beans will provide farmers with modernized means to process coffee in their organization's coffee cooperative. Higher quality coffee will open doors of opportunity.


Coffee Tree: $30


"Goats: A Haitian's Best Friend"


The gift of a goat is a sustainable way to help a struggling family in Haiti. Goat breeding can be a pathway out of poverty. Goats can thrive on just about anything — even grass and leaves on the poor, dry land in rural Haiti — so there is little cost for their upkeep. Goat meat is a popular food in Haiti so there is a strong demand at the local market. Goats often have two or three kids a year so a community organization that wants to start a self-sufficient goat breeding enterprise can see immediate success.

$100/Share $50


"Seeds for Tomorrow"


The food crisis in Haiti is an urgent plea for more food. A seed bank enables Haitian communities to plant inexpensive, high-quality seeds and grow food to feed their families sustainably for years. Farmers have had to buy seeds at triple the cost of what they can earn from their crops.

Your gift will provide community members seeds for a seed bank and provide sustainable agriculture training, empowering Haitians to provide food for their families and increasing food security. Haitians will have access to reasonably priced food that they grow themselves.

$50/Share $10

Start a Tool Bank

"Trust in Tools"


Haitian farmers raising crops generally lack the proper tools to do an effective job. Your gift will help start a much needed community tool bank of hoes, picks, and rakes for farmers to use in cultivating the land. The Lambi Fund, with your assistance, will train women and men how to safely and effectively use the tools- furthering productivity and lightening workloads.

Tool Bank $80/Tools $25


"Animal Vaccines and Medicine"


Access to affordable and high-quality animal medications that are not expired are extremely difficult to come by in rural Haiti. This year, give the gift of animal medications and vaccinations that will allow farmers to care for sick goats and sheep, vaccinate oxen and pigs as needed and maintain healthy livestock. By purchasing these medications, you are allowing grassroots organizations to keep veterinary pharmacies fully stocked so that members can to continue to raise and breed healthy animals.

$12 Stock of Medicine: $35


"Making Communities Strong as an Ox"


Oxen provide a myriad of useful functions for farmers. They plow, transport, haul cargo, thresh grain, and irrigate land. Supplying a farming organization with an ox is a costly investment that most Haitians think of as an intangible dream. Oxen significantly raise the productivity of land and help to cultivate a wide variety of crops including: millet, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, and corn. This gift provides the oxen, plow and requisite training to care for and signal commands to oxen.


$500/Share $50

Emergency Fund

"Support in times of emergency"


Provide small farmers and members of community organizations in rural Haiti with the resources they need to recover from emergencies like tropical storms and droughts. Your gift will allow Haitians to replant crops, purchase important supplies and get back on their feet in times of need.


Tree Seedling

"Green is Great"


Lambi Fund is passionate about the environment and believes that deforestation has critical impacts on food security and the environment. Haiti, described by the UN as one of the most degraded countries in the world, suffered epic levels of flooding from past hurricanes and rains, which were exacerbated by the severe soil erosion and deforestation. Your gift will help plant one tree, provide training and technical assistance from agronomists, and strengthen Haitian-led reforestation efforts.

Grove of Trees

"Trees for Transformation"


Make an even greater impact for reforestation in Haiti with a grove of trees. Your gift will help plant an entire grove of trees by supporting a locally-managed tree nursery, purchasing seeds and tools and providing reforestation training. We must all work together for a sustainable and healthy environment.




Training for One Member or Organization

"Transferring Skills"


An important part of ensuring project success is providing organization members in Haiti with the training they need. Give the gift of knowledge and know-how by supporting training workshops in Haiti. Teach Haitians how to manage a goat breeding enterprise, operate an ox-plow service, lead community-led reforestation efforts or how to oversee a community credit fund. Knowledge is a priceless gift, because it lasts a lifetime!

One Member $120/Organization $ 1,800

Water Cistern

"Pure Water, Pure Hope"


Access to clean drinking water is a serious problem in Haiti. Drinking unsanitary water plays a major role in the spread of cholera and diarrheal illness. These curable illnesses can be significantly reduced with the gift of a rainwater cistern. Haiti is lucky in that many parts of the country receive substantial amounts of rainfall throughout the year. Cisterns provide a way to capture and store over 4,500 gallons of rainwater. The use of faucets maintains water purity, promote conservation and allow community members reliable access to water. In addition, women and children are relieved of the task of walking long distances to retrieve water.

$5,000/Share $100

Community Credit Fund

"The heart and soul of an economy"


In Haiti, it takes an entire village — and you — to ensure citizens make a decent living. Help start a community managed credit fund that enables struggling Haitians to take out affordable loans for small business enterprises. With today's cost of living, outside credit lenders make high interest rates unreasonable. With a community credit fund, members of partner organizations are trained in bookkeeping and loan management. As loans are repaid, the fund grows and the group?s capacity to offer start-up capital for local businesses expands.

Community Credit Fund $750/One Loan $100

Mobile Irrigation Pump

"Irrigating Crops and Improving Livelihoods"


The majority of crops in Haiti are rain-fed. This, in addition to poor soil quality and desertification, leave agricultural crops incredibly susceptible to environmental fluctuations. Mobile irrigation pumps alleviate some of these stresses by ensuring a consistent supply of water for crops. Your gift will help purchase an irrigation pump for a rural farming community. Improved productivity and increased crop outputs make a significant impact not only for rural farmers, but entire communities.

$16,500/Share $300

Grain Mill

"Milling Grains Adds Value"


Looking to make a substantial contribution to women and communities in Haiti? Grain mills are incredibly profitable investments, yet most Haitians lack the training and capital required to establish a fully functioning mill. Grain mills process grains such as corn and millet into flour, which increases the product value when sold at market.

In Haiti, women often run grain mills and sell the milling services to local farmers for a fee. The income earned from the milling service helps build income for women, which is seen to positively impact the greater well-being of children and communities time and time again.


Mother Earth Basket

"Garden for Tomorrow"


Help Haiti build a beautiful tomorrow and conserve their precious environment. Give the gift of trees to promote reforestation throughout the country's degraded land. Provide Haitian farmers with the resources necessary to practice sustainable agriculture by offering innovative farming methods, training, and access to affordable organic pesticides, tools, and seed varieties that promote biodiversity.


Support Women

"We Win When Women Win"


Women make up 70% of the world's poor and produce 80% of the developing world's food, yet they own less than 1% of the world's land. Sadly, this rings true in Haiti. Lambi Fund understands that the hope for a sustainable, poverty-free, and economically thriving Haiti cannot be achieved without the help of women. Women are overlooked by government programs, receive lower wages, and have fewer opportunities for education.

By giving the gift of women's empowerment, you recognize that women are valuable resources in society and that they can act as powerful agents of change given the opportunity. Haitian women want a way out, not a hand-out. Help provide leadership, organizational, and technical training to women. As they gain more skills, the number of women running for office and becoming leaders in Haiti's communities multiplies greatly. Through this gift, you can help create a strong future for women and their families through leadership training.

The Lambi Farm

"Changing the World, One Farm at a Time"


The Lambi Fund offers community organizations all over Haiti a start on a seemingly impossible journey ? to food security and a dependable income. Imagine the possibilities!

Your gift provides an entire farm's worth of seeds, training, resources, and tools. Community organizations will have access to tool banks, high quality seeds, and clean water, as well as valuable training in agriculture and leadership.


Lambi Fund Hope

"Building Sustainable Communities"


Fund a sustainable development project and help move an entire community organization to self-reliance. This includes a sustainable development project chosen by the organization, and developing it into a community-run entrepreneurial activity with components for reforestation, sustainable agriculture training, organic farming techniques, democratic methods, a micro-credit fund, project management skills, training and gender equity! It becomes a holistic solution that creates lasting change in economic development, environmental sustainability and social equality. The bottom-up collaborative model of the Lambi Fund is what makes it work.

What a wonderful way to empower Haiti, and offer hope for the future!


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Gifts symbolically represent the work of The Lambi Fund in Haiti. In order to help the greatest number of families achieve self-reliance, we do not use our limited resources to track gifts to distribution. Lambi Fund will pool your gifts with others and use them where they are most needed and can do the most good. Together, we can transform entire communities and fight hunger and poverty in Haiti!

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