Hurricane Destroys All Paths

“ Anpil traka nan Mowo” – A lot of trouble in Leogane.

These are the words we hear from everyone we speak to about Hurricane Matthew’s path of destruction in Haiti. The damage is devastating – entire towns and cities have been destroyed…. Leogane, La Gonave, Cayes, Miragoane, Cavaillon…..and during the height of the storm, roofs were lifted and dragged by winds with homes disappearing in the flash of rising water. These towns have all been cut off now with major and smaller bridges and roadways washed away. Electricity and communication is very limited. Many designated shelters in churches, schools and clinics have been destroyed.

While we are thankful many lives have been spared, we are also seeing daily increases in life being lost. This region is Haiti’s heartland of farmers. And while people have their lives, their homes and farms are gone. Their livestock and food cultivating gardens are underwater and food is scarce. We are working with all of our established 22 partners in these regions not only to determine immediate needs but to also plan for reconstruction, re-planting and reforestation to improve infrastructure, food security and reduce future land erosion.

Many of you know that Lambi Fund of Haiti has been on the forefront of working with most of these communities in rural Haiti and we make this urgent appeal to you now. Based on our initial assessment, we need to raise $1 million to respond to immediate relief for basic food, shelter and emergencies supplies and prevent further risk of potable water contamination.

We urgently need your support and help! Please join the Lambi Fund in solidarity with its partners in rural Haiti. Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers and your generous gifts.

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