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About Irma in Haiti

The “sit and wait” pattern when the storm is coming is very tiring for those watching from afar, frustrating for those whose family is there waiting and really deadly for those whose life hang on the fringes of made up homes. We hope and hope for the storm to stay off the shores of Haiti but preparedness has not been the focus of the administration of Haiti. The north of Haiti has its vulnerabilities. It has not been long since Cap Haitien was flooded and bodies were scattered around until the light of day came and the water subsided. Needless to say that Haiti, North or South, Northeast or west is not ready for the monster storm described in the air. Irma will be unforgivable if it its breaking everything in its passage. When I talked to Margot this morning, a woman in Jean Rabel, one of the smaller cities said “we wait for misery”. Overnight rain has already brought some flooding to Wanamint, the swift wind has started. The Lambi office was closing as the rain trickles sporadically. In the depth of country side, there is no shelter to speak of and I am bluntly reminded of the fear southern dwellers shared after Hurricane Mathew hit last October. The fear that hell is raging all around you and there is nowhere to go. We all pray for those affected and for those who have lost family members.

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