Sad News/Move Nouvèl

It is with a lot of pain and sadness that we announce the death of Marie Marcelle Buteau Racine, “May”, founder of The Lambi Fund of Haiti/Fon Lanbi pou Ayiti.

May has always stood firm by the Haitian people throughout her life, supporting their demands, their struggles for justice and their rights as people.

May was a person that was firm in her convictions and never spared her time and support for the cause of those who were most weak.

For this reason May, along with others who believe in the Haitian People, formed this institution called The Lambi Fund of Haiti at the end of 1993. From that moment on, May became more engaged in the fight led by the Haitian people. She always joined forces with Lambi Fund to support grassroots organizations in the country and never stopped fighting for their demands to be met.

We have lost a great person, a consequent patriot from the core of the Haitian people, a militant that was always ready to provide her support in anything that concerned Haiti, a big sister, an extraordinary woman whom we will never forget.

May has left us, but her ideas and conviction will always guide us in our continued support of the Haitian people.

Rest in peace May!

The Team


Se avèk anpil lapenn nou anonse n lanmò, May, Marie Marcelle Buteau Racine, fondatè Fon Lanbi pou Ayiti/ Lambi Fund of Haïti.

May, pandan tout lavi'l te toujou kanpe fèm bò kote pèp ayisyen an, apiye revandikasyon li genyen , lit l'ap mennen pou li rive jwenn jistis ak dwa l kòm moun.

May te yon moun ki te fèm sou konviksyon li epi ki pa janm menaje tan li ak sipò l pou kòz pi fèb yo.

Se sa ki fè May ak lòt moun ki kwè nan Pèp ayisyen an, nan fen lane 1993, te mete sou pye Enstitisyon sa a ki rele Fon Lanbi pou Ayiti. Apati moman sa a, May te vin angaje l pi plis nan batay pèp ayisyen an ap mennen. Li te toujou makonnen fòs li ak Lanbi pou kore Oganizasyon baz yo nan peyi a ki pa janm sispann batay pou revandikasyon yo kapab jwenn satisfaksyon.

Nou pèdi yon « Gwo Moun », yon « Patriyòt Konsekan ki soti nan Zantray Pèp Ayisyen an », yon « Militan ki toujou prè pou pote konkou li nan tout sa ki konsène peyi d Ayiti », yon « Gran Sè », yon « Fanm ekstwòdinè nou p ap janm bliye ».

May kite nou men lide l yo, konviksyon l yo ap toujou gide nou nan akonpayman Fon Lanbi ap kontinye bay pèp Ayisyen.

Repoze an pè

Ekip la

We would like to thank all of our longtime supporters and partners for your thoughts and well wishes during this most difficult time. In support of May’s lifelong dedication to Haiti, her family is requesting that donations be made to Lambi Fund in her honor, in lieu of flowers or gifts. We ask that you keep them in your prayers as they prepare to lay her to rest. Please find instruction here.


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