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Earthquake Relief for Our Rural Partners!

Once again Haiti is experiencing another catastrophe. On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck at 8:20am. According to the latest report from officials in the country's Office of Civil Protection, they have already received data placing the death toll at 1300 thus far. In addition, 5,800 houses confirmed destroyed in the most affected areas; however, every minute they receive new reports of areas showing more and more damage. The Lambi staff is in direct contact with the Regional Monitor in the South, Saint-Cyr, who has also suffered significant loss as his family home in Dori has collapsed.

August 19, 2021

Lambi Fund’s relief plan is categorized in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Provide victims with urgent survival goods. Lambi will provide targeted organizations with financial means to purchase food, drinking water, first aid kits, some simple materials (tarpaulin, 2 * 4 wood that can help make some temporary shelters for sleeping, self-care products. Approximate cost $150,000 ($100 per individual x 50 individuals per organization x 30 organizations.)

Phase 2: Rehabilitation: Resume economic activities and farm production, repair damaged irrigation infrastructure, relaunch the women projects

Estimated cost $300,000.

• Phase 3: Reconstruction phase: Restore all sabotaged earthquake projects: Reconstruction of mill houses and all broken materials as well as a series of storage centers, goat pastures and damaged nurseries. Estimated cost: $200,000.

Why you should give to Lambi...

Testimonial from Jessica Hsu, former board member of Lambi Fund:

"Lambi Fund is amongst the organizations I would encourage people to support if you are looking to contribute and support effective aid. I was on the board of Lambi Fund for many years. Although no longer, I can still say that their approach of solidarity and support is one to be learned from. As they are asking for support for their partner organizations in the south after the earthquake, I am wanting to highlight the transparency, the close relationship they have to the community of mutual trust and respect. If you donate, you know exactly where your money is going and it is based on relationships, needs driven by community members who are defining their own recovery and future. Mutual aid. Mutual respect. Run by Haitians for Haitians. These are crucial principles to look for when seeking to support an organization that is providing support in these difficult times."


August 16, 2021

Here is part of an initial assessment from what some of Lambi's partner organizations sent to Saint Cyr:

In the Southern Department, where the earth shook on August 14, 2021, Lambi serves about 60 Organizations (averaging 100 members per organization) established throughout 11 communes. Almost all of these organizations have already contacted the Lambi Fund for assistance as they are accustomed to doing in the event of such natural disasters. These organizations have not yet been able to make a true assessment of the damage done in their area(s), nor have they been able to make a good estimate of the loss of life amongst their members.

What is certain is based on the first contact that the Regional Monitor in the South has had with all the representatives of these organizations, things are very serious. Many of the projects have been directly affected: there are seriously damaged mill houses (ODRO), completely collapsed nursery pergolas, many irrigation systems that used to allow members of the Organization(s) to manage and care for their small fields through plow projects and Agricultural credits are completely damaged. Other economic activities, such as the women's trade has collapsed because many of the members have lost everything inside of their homes as a result of the building damage.

Many victims among the members of the Organization KOPADET, located in Southern Plaisance (Nip), tell us that there are only 2 or 3 houses left standing in their community. Many members are now homeless, sleeping on the streets and unable to access health care because many of the roads to hospitals have been demolished. This is also because many hospitals are almost nonfunctional due to the extensive damage sustained from this earthquake.

The current situation is difficult for the people of the South who are calling everywhere for help in a socio-political and economic context. The level of difficulty has only multiplied the bad situation that we have been living in the country since before the death of President Jovenel.

The situation could become even more difficult for the Southern population in the next 2 days because there is a tropical storm (Grace) that is expected to cover the country, particularly in the South.

Representatives of the organizations that we support do not stop calling the Southern Monitor or the staff in the office. Thirteen of the Organizations have shared that:

76 people so far have lost their lives

279 people injured, including 15 with serious injuries

1,687 houses demolished

2,729 houses damaged

As Saint-Cyr maintains direct contact with Lambi’s partner organizations that are located directly in the disaster areas; they continue to inform him of the damage sustained in and around the areas where members of the organizations live. In general, people are living the same nightmare and problems; they have family and friends who are dead and many homes are destroyed or heavily damaged. There is currently no clean drinking water accessible to them, they do not get food, small traders have lost their trade, irrigation systems at the project locations are ruined in the fields, public buildings collapsed, churches and schools damaged - the list continues to grow. It is absolutely a catastrophic situation. The Maznòd Center, in Kanperen, which has housed Lambi and its partners in the past for regional formations has fallen flat to the ground. The hometown of Father William Smarth, Kavayon, is 90% destroyed based on what the Father tells us. This situation has affected basically all of the South including Nip and Grandans; there is also some damage in the Northwest and Artibonite as well.

Lambi has an urgent need to provide assistance to the victims our service population in the South in the form of water, food and other basic supplies. People are in dire need of food, as a result of the destruction of their properties.

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