Ms. Josette Perard

Executive Director

Josette Perard is one of the few women to head a successful NGO in Haiti. Born and raised in Haiti, Ms. Perard has over 30 years experience in social change work in Zaire and Haiti and over 20 years accounting and management experience in New York. She returned to Haiti in 1986, has been active with women's groups, and has hosted many delegations of U.S. solidarity activists visiting Haiti. As a founding staff member, she has directed Lambi Fund's program since 1994. In 2006 she won the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Award and is a founding leader of Women's Earth Alliance.

Mrs. Evelyne Izeogu

Deputy Director/CFO


Evelyne Izeogu joined the Lambi Fund staff in 2013 as the organization’s Finance Manager. She brings to Lambi Fund more than 35 years of experience in both for-profit and non-profit management. Mrs. Izeogu is the former Controller of Community Resource Exchange, a nonprofit consulting organization based in New York, where she worked for 22 years. Mrs. Izeogu has a diploma in Accounting from Spring Hill College, Haiti and a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Marymount College, New York. Mrs. Izeogu speaks Haitian Creole, French and English fluently.

Mr. Ferry Pierre-Charles

Field Director

Mr. Pierre-Charles is a trained agronomist with ten years of experience working with Haitian peasants in the field to develop and implement community-based agricultural projects, and conduct trainings. He has worked for several indigenous development organizations, and has conducted research in the field on appropriate agricultural technology. He also has computer training in a variety of programs.

Mr. Paul Rodney Henry

Assistant Field Director

Mr. Henry joined the Lambi Fund field staff in 1996 as an agronomist with a specialty in plant technologies. He has over seven years of experience in rural Haiti working directly with peasant cultivators, training them in improved rice and banana production, and has considerable practice with soil conservation. He has collaborated with several Haitian non-governmental organizations including, ITECA and FONDEV, in many of Haiti's nine geographic departments.

Mr. Joseph Dorsainvil

Regional Monitor

Mr. Dorsainvil brings over fifteen years of community-based field experience to the Lambi Fund. Born and raised in Gonaives, Haiti, TiDjo works from his home base to provide continuous management and technical assistance to the many Lambi Fund projects in the Artibonite Valley. He has received diplomas in accounting and business mathematics, training and management for popular banks and small businesses, human rights training, and training in organizing cooperatives and popular education techniques.

Mr. Pierre Antoinier St. Cyr

Regional Monitor

Mr. St. Cyr brings to the Lambi Fund's field team eleven years of rural-based experience. Like his counterpart in the Artibonite, Mr. St. Cyr works from his home base to provide technical and organizational development support to six-plus projects in southern Haiti. His education includes a year of pedagogical training, with expertise and diplomas in agroforestry, development of cooperatives, community organizing, as well as training in veterinary skills and popular education. Mr. St. Cyr also speaks fluent Spanish.

Mr. Franck Sylvain

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Mr. Sylvain began collaborating with Lambi Fund in July, 2013 as an Agronomist with a specialization in agricultural production. He has over 20 years of experience across Haiti in building farmers organizations’ capacities and supporting sustainable local development. He has worked in the Office of Development of the Artibonite Valley in agricultural research and in support of farmers groups, at ITECA where he was responsible for recruitment and follow-up training, and at the National Association of Agro-Professional Haitians in national environmental education actions and grain storage. For over 10 years, Mr. Sylvain worked within Helvetas-Haiti, in support of grassroots communities in the collective management of natural resources and sustainable local development.

Ms. Katiana Anglade

Business Manager

Katiana Anglade was born in Haiti, but migrated to the US at the tender age of 3. She spent her first few years in the care of her maternal grandmother in Aux Cayes soaking up Haiti’s culture and language; she speaks and writes fluent Haitian Kreyol. Although most of Katiana’s years have been submersed in the American culture, her love for Haiti and her roots have always stayed strong. One of the ways she’s decided to give back to her people in Haiti is through her work with the Lambi Fund of Haiti. She is responsible for managing Lambi’s day-to-day operations including the maintenance of donor accounts, personnel and the daily correspondence with constituents and vendors. Katiana has extensive experience in administration and office management. She studied Office Technology Administration at the Katherine Gibbs School and Liberal Arts & Sciences at St. John’s University. Katiana also completed a fellowship in the NY-Haitian Leadership Fellowship program, which has been dedicated to developing strong Haitian leaders in the Diaspora community

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